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Venue Questions to ask NOW!

Hi Everyone, 

It’s Melissa with Natural Touch Weddings. 

This is my first Blog and I wanted to start out with a topic that can help everyone right from the start. Of course there are MANY questions, and I’d be more then happy to address these later on. But these questions I find a lot of couples are just not asking ahead of time and only asking a week or two before their wedding or event worse, don’t ask at all and are left super disappointed on their wedding day or left with an extra cost on their bill.

If you can ask these questions while booking your venue, you’re going to be much happier knowing these details at the start and not at the end. 

1) Access time and finishing time: Knowing the time you actually get your venue and when you’re expected to be out-YES, you, your guests and YOUR DECOR- is a huge detail. If you arrive sooner then the time on your contract OR don’t leave till hours after your suppose too, expect extra fees on your final bill.  

2) Last call: Yes, there is a legal time limit on when a bartender HAS to stop serving alcohol-In Canada anyways. Most venues, here in Kelowna, are midnight to 12:30am. Make sure you find out, nothing is worse then thinking you can party till 2am but the alcohol is gone at 12.

3) Music shutoff: Just because you have be out by 2pm, doesn’t mean you can dance and party right till the end. Most places are required to have music off at a certain time, some are 11pm, some are midnight, some are 1am. Make sure you ask. 

4) Stocked Alcohol: If your venue has an on-site bar already equipped with alcohol. Ask about their brands and what type of wines and beers they carry. Some local venues, may only carry local brands of beer and wine. If you’re a Coors drinker, they may not carry it-they may bring it in for an extra cost, you just have to ask. 

5) Delivery time: If your bringing in outside décor, make sure you ask what time those items can be delivered. Some rental companies may have to drop chairs or tables the day before and if your venue can’t handle that, you’re going to be charged for another delivery. 

6) Catering Menu: If your venue caters, don’t bother picking out your food upon booking. Most venues will update their menu every year, so what you want now, may not be available come the year of your wedding. I’ve been to a few meetings, where the banquet manager gives the couple a “new” menu, and the couple scramble to find their first choice and left disappointed and sometimes, have to order new menu cards. 

7) Wines: If your getting married at a winery, more often then not, their wine prices are different on their shelves then on their menu. When looking at their wine lists, bottles for sale are usually cheaper then serving them at your wedding. Some wineries up the cost of their wine, to include a “serving” fee. Just keep that in mind and always ask if wine prices are different then what is actually listed. 

And Lastly, not so much a questions as a DEFINITE DO! ALWAYS READ THE CONTRACT. In most cases, a contract will answer most of your questions and more. It’s always important to read the fine print, understand whom is responsible for what, what is offered and what is not and of course if there are extra charges for any services you’re interested in.  And please, NEVER sign a contract that has an escalation clause, meaning if they want, they will increase costs, already agreed upon because of inflation.  

Remember, If you can, a wedding planner is a great person to have while planning your wedding, you can even hire some planners, like us at Natural Touch Weddings + Events, for an hour or two. Use this time to ask as many questions as you can and bring those contracts along for them to look over, in the end it can save you $$$.

Happy Planning!

-Melissa Sinclair

Natural Touch Weddings + Events 

Posted 5 weeks ago